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Trade Resin Bound Starter Pack

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* Resin Type:

Our All-Weather Resin is UV Resistant, Moisture Tollerant and has a longer working time.

Crushed Glass:

Add crushed glass to your mix for additional friction and extra anti-slip.

* Colour:
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Our Trade Resin Bound Starter Pack is equivalent to 33 of our kits in bulk buy. So will cover upto 33m² at upto 15mm depth.

Each SUDwell™ Resin Bound Kit is supplied with enough stone and resin to cover 1m² at upto 15mm deep.

75775 simple calculatorPlease refer to this table or use our Calculator to work out how many kits you require.

 Expected Coverage

We recommend that Paths and Patios are installed at a depth of 15mm and that Driveways are installed to a depth of 18mm. Each SUDwell™ Resin Bound Kit is supplied with enough stone and resin to cover 1m² at upto 15mm deep or 0.8m² at upto 18mm.

Divide your area in m² by the expected coverage in the table above to calculate the quantity of kits you require.

For Example a 30m² Driveway (30/0.8=37.5) 38 kits.


Note: It is recommended that you divide up and mark out your area into 1m² (0.8m² for driveways) to ensure you get the correct coverage out of each kit. It is also recommended that you order spare kits (Especially on larger projects) in case of unforeseen circumstances. Depths stated for coverage can vary between stone batches and sub-base condition and construction and are guidelines only.
Packaging and labelling may vary from illustration. Products should be kept dry and out of the sun until use.

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Add your pictures to the gallery: 

Simply send us your before and after pictures and write a short review on how easy it was to use your SUDwell™ DIY Resin Driveway Kits to be entered into our free competition to WIN a weekend for two to Paris.


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SUDwell™ All Weather Resin offers many advantages over our standard resin.


Our All Weather Resin is moisture tolerant, meaning if it rains during your installation you can rest assured that it will not effect the final appearance. In addition to this SUDwell™ All Weather Resin is UV Stable so your surface will retain its original appearance over time.It also offers a longer working time which is recommended if you have not used our products before.


Our Standard Resin cannot be used in the rain and you may notice a change in appearance over exposure to sunlight particularly with lighter coloured aggregates. Standard resin is only recommended for people in the trade or with experience in laying such surfaces due to its shorter working time.

Purchase your order with less packaging and Save!!!

This will save you money on your order and help us protect the environment, by drastically reducing packaging.

Bulk orders will be sent delivered with your chosen stone in bags and the resin supplied in tins for you to pour the required amount.
Full instructions on how to do this will be sent out with your order.

Dominic Howells on 06-13-2017 09:09 PM
Great, Plenty of material to recover my driveway.
Keith24 on 06-07-2017 01:56 AM
Delivery - Everything was delivered quickly and securely on a pallet.

Laying - Kits were easy to mix and lay, however I would only take on something like this with assistance. Once you get going you soon get into a rhythm and can get everything mixed laid and levelled quite quickly.

Result - End result is a good looking surface that easily takes the weight of the car and shows no signs of cracking.

Value - Excellent value for money when compared to alternatives.

Overall the service and products were excellent and i would recommend to anybody.
Happy on 06-03-2017 10:17 AM
Happy with my purchase.
Mrs Pipkin on 02-19-2018 09:27 AM
Well worth the money, was quoted 3000 pounds from a contractor but managed it ouselfs for a 3rd of the price using this starter kit paid for here. Very happy customer, O and was easier than i origanally thought it could be.

Thanks again
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