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SUDwell™ Red Kit

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* Resin Type:

Our All-Weather Resin is UV Resistant, Moisture Tollerant and has a longer working time.

Standard resin is not recommended for light coloured aggregates such as white,silver, and pearl quartz.

* Packaging:
Crushed Glass:

Add crushed glass to your mix for additional friction and extra anti-slip.

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Each SUDwell™ Resin Bound Kit is supplied with enough stone and resin to cover 1m² at upto 15mm deep.

75775 simple calculatorPlease refer to this table or use our Calculator to work out how many kits you require.

 Expected Coverage

We recommend that Paths and Patios are installed at a depth of 15mm and that Driveways are installed to a depth of 18mm. Each SUDwell™ Resin Bound Kit is supplied with enough stone and resin to cover 1m² at upto 15mm deep or 0.8m² at upto 18mm.

Divide your area in m² by the expected coverage in the table above to calculate the quantity of kits you require.

For Example a 30m² Driveway (30/0.8=37.5) 38 kits.


Note: It is recommended that you divide up and mark out your area into 1m² (0.8m² for driveways) to ensure you get the correct coverage out of each kit. It is also recommended that you order spare kits (Especially on larger projects) in case of unforeseen circumstances. Depths stated for coverage can vary between stone batches and sub-base condition and construction and are guidelines only.
Packaging and labelling may vary from illustration. Products should be kept dry and out of the sun until use.

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SUDwell™ All Weather Resin offers many advantages over our standard resin.


All-Weather Resin - Our All Weather Resin is moisture tolerant, meaning if it rains during your installation you can rest assured that it will not effect the final appearance. In addition to this SUDwell™ All Weather Resin is UV Stable so your surface will retain its original appearance over time.It also offers a longer working time which is recommended if you have not used our products before.


NEW! SUDwell™ 1 Component UVR Resin - Our new single component resin takes the worry out of mixing ratios to simplify the installation process. SUDwell 1 Component resin is UV resistant, so can be used with any colour of aggregate.


Standard Resin - Our Standard Resin cannot be used in the rain and you may notice a change in appearance over exposure to sunlight in a short period of time particularly with lighter coloured aggregates. Standard resin is only recommended for people in the trade or with experience in laying such surfaces due to its shorter working time.

We recommend that All-weather or One-Component resin is used with light coloured stone such as white, silver, pearl quartz etc.

Purchase your order with less packaging and Save!!!

This will save you money on your order and help us protect the environment, by drastically reducing packaging.

Bulk orders will be sent delivered with your chosen stone in bags and the resin supplied in tins for you to pour the required amount.
Full instructions on how to do this will be sent out with your order.

Do you want a driveway or path that is stunning to look at, long lasting, easy to maintain and permeable?

This means having a surface that won’t crack, fade or have standing water. A surface that is SUDs compliant, so will not suffer from flash flooding. You won’t be bothered by weeds growing through and it is resistant to the growth of algae and moss. You also won’t lose the stones with traffic as they are bound together and securely fixed in place, leaving you with a beautiful smooth surface.

A gravel driveway or gravel patio may look pretty, but you will be bothered by constant upkeep and weeding. A resin bonded driveway gives you the same aesthetics without the hassle. It is easy to maintain and will last you for at least 15 years.

Likewise, block paving may be nice to look at initially, but it won’t take long before those weeds start to grow through. A block paved driveway is also a lot more difficult to lay than our simple DIY resin bonded kits.

You may be thinking that a resin bonded driveway is going to be too expensive, or difficult to lay yourself. That is the beauty of our SUDWell™ Resin Bound DIY Driveway Kits. All you need is the confidence and basic DIY skills and you can easily install a brand new driveway, landscaping or paving that will leave you with a beautiful smooth and lasting finish.

Installing Your Resin Bound Project

Your level of experience will not be an issue when installing a Resin Bound driveway, patio, path or other landscaped area. As long as you are physically capable of kneeling and doing a small amount of lifting, you can install a resin bound DIY kit.

We provide full instructions and videos that our DIY customers will have easy access to when they purchase our kits.

Click Here to find out more:

What’s Included?

The resin bound DIY kit come with everything you need to install a new paved area. Each kit covers a 1 metre² area. All aggregate is pre-washed, dried and quality checked prior to packaging.

We have a huge selection of stones for you to choose from and a wide variety of colours. So no matter what your project is, you will find the perfect look within our kits. Our resin is UV stable, which means that it won’t fade or change the colour and look of your project when exposed to sunlight.

Each kit contains the aggregate you choose and enough resin to cover a 1 m² area. You can choose from standard resin or all-weather resin which is UV resistant, moisture tolerant and has a longer working time.

Individual kits come in pre-measured amounts and you can opt to have them supplied in tubs which are easy to mix the resin and aggregate together in. You simply mix part A with part B using a drill and paddle attachment when you are ready to begin laying the mixture. We do advise that you only mix as you are doing each section to avoid it from drying out before you get chance to lay it.

You also have the option of adding crushed glass which will add extra friction and create even more of an anti-slip surface.

For larger projects you can make savings on bulk buys.

About Our Resin Bonded Systems

We source our aggregate from all over the UK to ensure that you receive the highest quality natural stones suitable for resin bound systems. Quality and consistency are our top priority.

All our resin bound systems are SUDs compliant meaning you won’t get standing water or flash flooding when installed correctly.

Our Resin Bonded DIY Kits are suitable for use on driveways, patios, paving, and landscaping projects such as decorative areas. You can even cover unsightly manholes while still maintaining access.

We hope you find what you are looking for in our extensive range of resin bonded gravel kits. If you have any queries or would like to ask us for a quote, then contact us today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be on hand to assist you with your enquiry.

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