Get a further 2 hours of practical training videos and installation guides from SUDwell on how to lay/install resin driveways paths and patios to a professional finish FREE with your first order. Free to keep and watch and learn all the skills needed to perfect your DIY Resin Bound Project.
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The Resin Bonded Slab Company is the number one driveway company for all your resin bound driveway installations. As Resin Bound Aggregate Suppliers We offer you the option of having your project completed by us, your chosen contractor or you could opt to install yourself.


SUDwell has been supplying and installing resin bound paving for over 15 years. With installations nationwide and resin driveways London, SUDwell is a name you can trust.


We understand the desire of some of our customers to undertake the project themselves while saving a bit of money in the process. So, if you have the ability and wish to lay your own driveway or paving, we have the DIY kits to help you.


Resin  driveway, patios and paths are easy to install with our resin bound gravel kits. It really is the most cost effective way to cover a relatively small area. After you have finished your resin bonded driveway, it will last for many years. This makes the overall cost even lower when it is spread over the lifetime of your installation.


Our kits contain everything you need to achieve a beautiful, permeable and durable finish in a matter of hours. Each kit comes with the correct amount of aggregate and resin to quickly and easily cover approximately one square metre at a 15 mm depth.


The kits are very easy to use and ready to be walked or driven on within 6-12 hours. We also have easy to follow video instructions demonstrating exactly what you need to do to lay your new resin bonded driveway. These videos can be accessed for free by all customers who purchase our kits.


If you are a DIY enthusiast and are looking to modernise your driveway, patio or path, our DIY kits are perfect for you. We also supply the kits for professional trade customers and builders who wish to install resin drives.

Advantages of A SUDwell™ Resin Bound Kit


With such a wide range of colour and choice of gravel, we are sure you will find the perfect choice for your driveway installation. It is easy to create stylish patterns to enhance the look of your paving with just a few simple adjustments to the layout.


There is no need to apply for planning permission when laying a S.U.D.S compliant driveway. Our advanced technology means that all our kits are fully compliant with the Sustainable Urban Drainage system.


The permeable bound gravel means water, snow and other precipitation will easily run off. You won’t be bothered by floods or standing water once a SUDwell™ Resin Bound Kit has been installed.


All our kits are supplied with high quality materials and UV stable resin as an option. The result is a driveway that will not fade or discolour due to sunlight or other weather conditions.


We offer natural and recycled Eco-friendly components in our kits along with the wide choice of colours. The finished installation has a flexible smooth surface that is as aesthetically pleasing as loose gravel and more durable than tarmac or concrete.


A fully installed resin bound driveway will not crack or degrade for 25 years or more. They are not susceptible to harsh weather conditions due to the flexibility of the resin.


One of the most appealing aspects of a resin driveway over block paving or loose gravel is that you will not be troubled by weeds. Weeds can even erupt through cracks in your concrete or tarmac, when they appear, but not with our flexible, crack resistant resin bound surfaces.


Another fabulous advantage of resin bound paving is that there is very little maintenance needed. All you need to do is give the driveway, path or patio a sweep to clear any debris and the occasional power wash to keep it looking in tip top condition. Resin bound gravel doesn’t stain the way block paving or concrete does, but if you get a mark left behind, your power washer should easily clean it off.


No prior experience is needed to install Our SUDwell™ Resin Bound Kits. All our kits are easy to install and will transform your old and tired looking existing driveway, path or patio. You will be left with a new modern, desirable and functional area. You also get the added benefit of pride and satisfaction of enjoying something that you created.

What Our Customers Say

Here are what a few of our customers have said about our home kits:


"I personally installed the home kit within 3 hours. I found it incredibly straightforward to install and had all the necessary pieces to create a very attractive and functional driveway. Highly recommended." - Stephen Samson

"The home kit couldn't be any easier to install, and when I did have a minor question to ask, Mr Potter was more than helpful to answer as soon as possible. Would recommend to a friend." - John Bucks


Choose Resin

There are plenty of reasons to choose our resin bound kits. Not least of which being that each kit contains everything you need to install your resin bound surface. We also supply the kits to repair your existing driveways and paving, ready to lay a perfect resin bound surface over it. Other reasons include:

• Easy and quick to Install
• Ready made kits perfectly measured to fit a metre square
• Wide range of colours
• Huge choice of gravel and aggregate
• Permeable and SUDs compliant
• UV Stable Resin
• Ready to walk or drive on in as little as 6-12 hours
• Low maintenance with no weeds
• Cost effective
• Durable and flexible
• Eco-friendly
• Aesthetically pleasing
• No planning permission required
• No chance of forced action being taken
• No prior experience is necessary
• Full instructions given
• Free quotes and expert advice on hand.

Resin bound surfaces are decorative and durable. They out do all other forms of paving on overall performance.

Help And Support

Sometimes a project is too big an undertaking for a DIY project and you may feel like you just don’t want to tackle it yourself. If you would like SUDwell™ to install for you, give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly team about getting a free quote.


SUDwell™ is the specialist in the supply and installation of large areas of resin bonded gravel, or resin driveways. We have installed resin bounded gravel paving all over the UK for both commercial and private residents. SUDwell™ is also the number one supplier of resin driveways London.


However, if your project is on a smaller scale, and you are able to, we would highly advise you to use our DIY Kits to do the job yourself. This will keep costs down for you and you will have all the help and support you may need along the way.


Our team of experts are always on the end of the phone to help give you helpful tips and tricks and any guidance you may require. We also have demonstration videos and instructions that are included with the kits.


Whatever your query, don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable experts to help you through it. Contact us today for a free quote and turn your dream driveway into a reality.


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Resin Bound Kits Reviews

  • Testemonial Nick Bayley My wife and I are delighted with our new pathway. These resin bound kits from SUDwell enabled me to revitalise my beat up pathway in under an our, and the end result is fabulous.
  • Testemonial Oliver Merchant My kits from SUDwell the resin bound slab company was delivered the next day and we installed it the same afternoon. I could not be happier with the end result and the ease of installation.
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