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Gravel Resin

SUDwell Gravel Resin is the superior choice as it has numerous benefits over other resins.

  • Powerful long lasting bond - Consolidation of gravel reducing lost material.
  • Economic - Our resin provide excellent value 
  • Fully permeable, allowing quick drainage, Ideal for SuDs application.
  • Can still be utilised if your aggregate is slightly damp.
  • Fully UV stable, will to yellow under sunlight.
  • Low maintenance.The permanent bond means the only upkeep is an occasional sweeping or pressure wash.


Our gravel resin for bonded surfaces consists of a two part epoxy resin binder that cures quickly allowing you to use your surface the same day, yet curing slowly enough to allow ample time to work. Utilised in our paths, driveways and patios we are highly confident in this product and that is why we stand by our 10 year guarantee on all our surfaces.


Gravel Resin

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