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Anti-Skid Surfacing Specification

High Friction Surfacing must comply with Specification for Highway Works (SHW) Clause 924 which requires such systems to be BBA HAPAS certificated.  Successful certification under  the  BBA  HAPAS scheme  involves  meeting  demanding  performance  criteria  which  are given in each system’s certificate and meeting stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements on an ongoing basis.

The three key paragraphs are repeated as follows:

1 High  friction  surfacing  systems  shall  have  current  British  Board  of  Agrément  HAPAS Roads and Bridges Certificates.

2 A high friction surfacing system with a current British Board of Agrément HAPAS Roads and Bridges Certificate shall only be installed by a Contractor approved by the BBA and the Certificate Holder as an Approved Installer for that system.

3 The  installation  and  quality  control  procedures  shall  be  in  accordance  with  the  British Board  of  Agrément  Roads  and  Bridges  Certificate  for  each  system  and  the  current
method  statement  agreed  by  the  BBA. The results  of  all quality  control  checks  carried out on site by the Contractor and quality assurance information compiled in accordance with  the  requirements of  the  Certificate,  including  results  from  BBA  surveillance  visits, shall be made available to the Overseeing Organisation on request.


Clause  924  is an End  Performance  Specification.  This  transfers  the  responsibility  for  the design  of  the  high  friction  system  to  the  selected  installer  who  is  responsible  for  the execution of the surface treatment and generally guarantees the treatment for a specified period of time. Clause 924 provides a limited guarantee of a minimum of 2 years, subject to the following rider:


Anti-Skid Surfacing Specification

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