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Resin Driveways Reviews

SUDwell™ The Resin Bonded Slab Company have been named "Best Paving and Resin Provider 2018" in Build UK 2018 Landscape and Gardening Awards.

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SUDwell™ The Resin Bonded Slab Company provide resin bound kits that are highly reviewed by both new DIY users and Tradesmen alike. Our easy to use DIY kits enable anyone to transform an existing tired surface to a brand new modern resin bound surface. Our many reviewers unanamously say that the found the kits simple to use and with our free instructional videos, used SUDwells DIY kits to great effect, creating a beautiful surface with pride and satisfaction.

Proffesional installers have high praise for SUDwell All-Weather resin, citing it as one of the most easy to use and versatile products available. SUDwell standard resin is also ideal for proffesional installers who understand its limitations but realise its excellent value. 

SUDwell All-Weather Resin provides users with a UV resistant resin, with a considerably longer working time over the standard resin, in addition to this it is moisture tolerant during installation. If you are experienced in laying resin bound surfaces and using a stone colour where UV resistance isnt an issue, then our standard resin provides an excellent value product with very high strength and durability.


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