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Resin Driveways Cost

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The  cost of a resin bound surfacing may be less than you would expect, especially if you are willing to undertake the project yourself. With SUDwell resin bound kits you can carry out your project for under £30 per square meter. When compared to other paving methods, such as block paving, a resin bound driveway provides excellent value, whilst providing you with a highly durable and modern attractive surface that will improve the look and appeal of your property.

If you are not confident enough to carry out your own installation, resin driveways cost less than alternatives, even when installed by SUDwell™ The Resin Bonded Slab Company. A driveway installation from SUDwell™ will be installed using our high quality materials by our vastly experienced installtion teams.

SUDwell™ Resin Bound Kits area available in a wide range of colours, and are very easy to install. SUDwell™ All-Weather Resin is a UV stable resin that is moisture tolerant during installation. This UV resistant resin also has a long working time, making it the ideal product for first time users.

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