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Rubber Bound Play Areas

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SUDwell safety surfaces are a multi-component polyurethane and rubber composite which is formed ‘insitu’ by a chemical mixing, wet pouring, levelling, screeding and rolling process. SUDwell uses an EPDM rubber crumb combined with a polyurethane binder that can also be laid onto a sub-base of eco recycled rubber materials such as old tyres to create a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing surface. Please contact us for more information



SUDwell safety surfaces can be laid onto a variety of sub-bases from industry standard MOT 1, to a range of recycled materials including rubbers and old tryes. We will be happy to advise you on your new play area.



The area size of the surface to be laid will depend on the equipment installed on the area



Wet pour safety surfaces are laid in-situ and therefore almost any design can be incorporated from simple shapes to complex designs and logos – please contaact us for further for design ideas.



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