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Resin Bound Paving Suppliers in your area

SUDwell™ are Resin bound gravel suppliers in your area providing a range of resin bound aggregate in colours to suit any projects for both commercial and domestic purposes. We have used our vast experience in the industry to provide the best quality aggregates and resins that have been used to complete work at homes, schools, universities and public attractions.

For more information on our Resin Bound Paving Supplies, please visit our Resin Bound Kits page, and our products page. If you would like to have use quote for the installation of a Resin Bound Surface please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.


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What is Resin Bound Surfacing

The specification of resin-bound gravel paving specification is an increasingly popular choice because of its modern attractive appearance and its conformation to SuDS regulations. This means it is approved for use in urban areas as a way of reducing run-off and helping to prevent in built up areas. The permeable nature of porous resin surfacing is achieved by using prepared cleaned and dried aggregate which is mixed with resin binding it together creating a strong surface that retains small gaps between stones, allowing water to pass freely through. As a specialist resin bound manufacturer we can supply you in your area with an excellent alternative to block paving and other paving systems, that is easily installed.

When installing resin stone surfacing, your chosen aggregate will be mixed together with our specialist resin until completely and evenly coated. This mix will then be tipped out onto a suitable existing surface, which should be either tarmac or concrete, and is then smoothed using a plasterer float to leave a smooth finish. Once applied and levelled the resin bound gravel must be left to cure, this should take 12-16 hours, however 24 hours would be ideal before trafficking. If you would like to find out more about the process of installing our resin bound kits, please contact us through the enquiry form.

Resin Bound Gravel Applications in your area

SUDwell™ Resin Bound Stone is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of outdoor and indoor areas. The wide range of colours and the ease of use allows for limitless design opportunities. Resin Bound Gravel can be used for a multitude of purposes such as Driveways, Paths, Patios, Decorative Landscaping, Steps, and almost any flooring application.

As experienced installers and resin stone suppliers we can supply you with the materials allowing you to produce a fantastic decorative appearance. We offer an array of colours for you to choose from so you are able to create a bespoke and unique outdoor surface which compliments or contrasts the surrounding area of your project. These resin-bound surfaces from small scale domestic driveways, tree pits and paths, up to large scale public attractions, schools and car parks, will dramatically improve the appearance of any property or project.

How to Clean Resin-Bound in your area

Our Resin Bound Gravel DIY Kits produce a surface that is resistant to cracking and losing stones. A resin driveway is remains durable and easy to maintain, keeping its modern decorative appearance over time. Simply occasional brushing and cleaning with water or jet washing, will keep the surface looking as good as new and prevent any build up within the surface.

If you would like to install a decorative gravel surface for an outdoor area at a domestic home or commercial facility in your area, our resin bound kits are the perfect solution. Delivered direct to site or your property, we supply you with all you need to install your resin bound path, drive, or patio.


How to Lay Resin Bound Gravel your area

Our online videos and instructions can offer details on how to lay our resin bound driveway materials once purchased. The process is simple, which is why provide our DIY kits to all users. Particularly if your area is small, we are confident any competent DIY-er can tackle these projects.

Ensure you have suitable base (concrete or tarmac)
Mix the resin before mixing into the stone.
Lay and float the resin-bound mixture onto the area.

For large scale installations, you may wish to use our professional installers who can quote to complete the installation for you to the highest standards. For more information regarding resin bound paving suppliers in your area and the costs to install and supply the surfacing, please complete the form on our contact page.


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