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Bound Rubber Safety Paving Slabs

SUDwell Bound Rubber Safety Paving Slabs

SUDwell Bound Rubber Safety Paving Slabs are ideal for gardens, children's play areas, playgrounds, sports facilities and indoor/outdoor gym areas.

The patented matrix system means they can be installed securely in the same way as any traditional paving slab, but with the benefit of a high-friction impact absorbing surface.

The base layer is made from recycled rubbers applied to our matrix system, and coated with a decorative rubber surface.

The decorative layer can be installed in a range of colours and can be bespoke made to include patterns, letters, or numbers.


Designed specifically for outdoor use, our heavy duty, non-slip rubber slabs provide excellent shock absorption and anti fatigue properties. They are the ideal surface solution for children's play areas, back garden use, recreational areas, outdoor gyms, patios and recreational areas.

Our premium rubber paving slabs withstand all weather conditions.

SUDwell Rubber Paving Slabs have a thick top layer of coloured EPDM rubber manufactured in an array of vibrant colours. This makes our rubber slabs more UV stable and resistant to wear than other slabs in the market.

SUDwell Rubber Paving Slabs Range of Colours

Available in a many colours and blends. Click here to see our full range of colours.
Our vast range of colours greatly exceeds that of any other manufacturer. The coloured layer of our rubber slabs is created used a solid layer of coloured EPDM rubber that will not wear through to black.

SUDwell Eco-Friendly Rubber Slab Construction

SUDwell Rubber paving slabs are ideal when appearance is more important as they are brighter than other rubber tiles with a more permanent colour.
Unlike other slabs that are dyed or painted, our slabs will not wear through to black due to the thick layer of solid granular colour.
The base course of our slabs is manufactured using recycled rubber and our patented matrix system that is also manufactured using recycled plastics. SUDwell are committed to using recycled materials wherever possible and our rubber bound slabs contain large amount of recycled rubbers and plastics, making them a great Eco-friendly choice

Installation of SUDwell Rubber Slabs

Now with SUDwell rubber paving slabs there is no need to call in an expensive installation team (often costing many thousands of pounds. You can either install yourself or have a local builder install at a fraction of the cost.

SUDwell rubber paving slabs can be installed in the same way as concrete paving slabs.

SUDwell™ The Resin Bonded Slab Company is the only company to manufacture rubber paving slabs that can be fixed down using sand and cement, thanks to its patented matrix system.

SUDwell rubber paving slabs can be installed in the same way as concrete paving slabs. Our rubber paving slabs are the only rubber paving slab that can be installed onto compacted hardcore, tarmac, or a concrete base, using sand and cement to form a solid bond and never move.



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