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Gravel Bonding Resin Prices

Gravel Bonding Resin Prices vary widely and the most important thing to consider is the quality and reputation of the resin and buying resins that have been properly tested in your climate.

In most cases it is recommended that you purchase a UV stable resin, as anything without this property will discolour quickly under sunlight anding a yellow tint to your surface. This may not be so much of an issue if you are using a golden yellow aggregate but in all other cases will result in a discoloured and unattractive finish. Also do not assume this will be hidden by using a dark aggregate, infact one of the worst cases would be to not use a UV stable resin with a black aggregate.

We can supply high quality and thoroughly tested UV stable resins at the best possible prices and guarantee or installations for a minimum of 10 years.


Gravel Bonding Resin Prices


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