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Resin Bound Permeable Paving Slabs

SUDwell™ patented Eco Resin Bound Permeable paving slabs are our fantastic SUDs compliant paving slabs that are lighter and more carbon neutral than conventional concrete paving slabs.

Our Eco-Friendly Resin Bound Permeable Paving Slabs make a better alternative to non-porous concrete slabs and offer a greener approach (being manufactured from recycled materials, such as hard plastics, PVC, rubbers, and recycled glass) for hard-landscaping projects (such as patios and pathways).

Due to the permeable nature of our resin bound permeable paving slabs water easily flows through the surface preventing any build-up of surface water.




Customers value design as much as efficacy and a green approach to todays paving as well as helping the environment.

They are ideal for use in patios and pathway paving, decking, Green and Blue roof applications including podiums.  Offering a more presentable finish than traditional concrete slabs.


Matrix SystemResin Bound Paving Slabs

SUDwell - Resin Bound Permeable Paving works closely with some of the top Architect companies in the country. We guarantee function, and we enjoy implementing this great technology around a fantastic design. SUDwell understand that customers value design as much as efficiency and a green approach to todays paving as well as helping the environment.

What we do works, and we appreciate great design when we see it.

By working closely with the most professional people in the business, we are aligning the two most important aspects of a successful project; design and function.


SUDwell Resin Bound Slabs can also be used for Blue/Green Roofing Applications such as Pedestal Paving Systems, Landscaped Podiums, Roof Gardens and Terraces.
They can be manufactured with a natural stone base layer instead of the recycled materials, whilst still remaining light weight and fully permeable.



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