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Resin Bound Kits - Calculator and Order Form


Use our calculator below to figure out exactly how many kits you require. 1 kit will cover 1m² at a depth of 15mm. The depth of your surface should depend on the quality of the sub-base and its your usage scenario.

As a  guide an excellent sub-base will only require 12mm depth, good will require 15mm, and a poor condition surface will require 18mm.

Surfaces used for a driveway should be applied 25% thicker than a path or patio.

Dont worry if this sounds complicated, our calculator does all the work for you. Simply fill out the short form below to find out how many kits you will need to order.



Autumn Quartz200Golden Pea200Golden Quartz200Green200Pearl Quartz200Red200Silver200Staffordshire Pink200


How to calculate area.

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SUDwell™ All Weather Resin offer many advantages over our standard resin.

Our All Weather Resin is moisture tolerant, meaning if it rains during your installation you can rest assured that it will not effect the final appearance. In addition to this SUDwell™ All Weather Resin is UV Stable so your surface will retain its original appearance over time.It also offers a longer working time which is recommended if you have not used our products before.

Our Standard Resin cannot be used in the rain and you may notice a change in appearance over time.



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Purchase your order with less packaging and Save!!!

This will save you money on your order and help us protect the environment, by drastically reducing packaging.

Bulk orders will be sent delivered with your chosen stone in bags and the resin supplied in tins for you to pour the required amount.
Full instructions on how to do this will be sent out with your order.

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